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Bun Rieu Cua – A Vietnamese traditional noodle soup

This is a very traditional noodle soup in Vietnam and a favorite of many. It is not as popular as pho for it’s more exotic ingredients such as a shrimp paste and has a very seafoody taste. It’s a tomato … Continue reading

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What you’ve been waiting for…Easy Pho Ga!

Yes, I have sadly – maybe gladly for you – ended vegetarian week. But to make up for it, I decided on the most delicious dish. The most popular and favorable Vietnamese dish must be pho. Even those who have … Continue reading

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Squash Peanut Soup – Canh Dau Phong

We continue with vegetarian week! This dish follows the line of traditional home-style Vietnamese dish. I often put Vietnamese food in two categories: ones to serve at home, and ones that are for special occasions. I put food often found … Continue reading

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It’s Vegetarian week! Banh Pho Xao or Veggie Chow Fun

As my grandmother is vegetarian, I decided to dedicate the first week of my new blog to her. Also I would like to point out now that most of the dishes I cook are very flexible. I hardly have time … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Stir Fry – Do Xao Chay

As promised! Very easy and flexible recipe Vegetarian stir fry – Do Xao Chay 1.5 bunch (?) of glass noodles (clear noodles) –I used a Korean type called dangmyeon.  I would have pictures if my camera didn’t die… Sesame oil … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Vietnamese Curry – Ca Ri Chay

As today is my grandmother’s death day, our family honors her in the traditional Vietnamese way….a vegetarian feast!! I decided to contribute a vegetarian Vietnamese curry and stir fry dish. I chose both dishes because they share lots of ingredients….I’m a lazy … Continue reading

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