It’s Vegetarian week! Banh Pho Xao or Veggie Chow Fun

As my grandmother is vegetarian, I decided to dedicate the first week of my new blog to her. Also I would like to point out now that most of the dishes I cook are very flexible. I hardly have time to run to the grocery and buy for a specific everyday meal. Instead, I find what ingredients are lying around and use what I have. I cooked two dishes today – a peanut soup and pan fried noodles. Again, the two have very similar ingredients to save time.

I think many people will be very familiar with the pan fried noodle dish. It’s very popular in both Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants. It’s a dish anyone will like…especially the kids! I’ve seen it cooked many times at parties as well.  Very easy and very delicious! The peanut soup will  be posted tomorrow!

Vegetarian Pan Friend Rice Noodles – Banh Pho Xao Chay


  • 1 Pkg of cooked, thick, white rice noodles – I substituted using a package of banh uot which are rice noodles sheets and cut them up
  • Soy sauce
  • 3 Tbsp of diced leeks
  • 1/2 Onion – Sliced

  • 1/2 Pkg of Mushrooms – I used white mushrooms; Sliced thinly
  • 1 Bag Bean Sprouts

  • ~4 pieces of Pre-prepared tofu – recipe can be taken from here or bought already cooked at an Asian supermarket; Slice thinly
  • Vegetarian meats (optional)- I bought some at the Asian market today so decided to incorporate it
  • Salt/Sugar


1. Mix ~2.5 Tbsp of soy sauce with the noodles or until all the noodles are throughly coated in a brown color

2. On med heat in a wide pot, sauté the leeks in olive oil until golden brown.

3. Add the onion and cook until brown as well.

4. Add the mushrooms and cook until soft.

5. Add salt and sugar to likened taste. (~2 tbsp salt and sugar)

6. Add the bean sprouts, tofu, veggie meat, or whatever you have. Cover and cook until bean sprouts are soft.

7. Add about 1.5 Tbsp of soy sauce. Add more soy sauce or sugar to taste.

8. Add in the noodles and let cook for ~3-4 min (until noodles are soft). Serve and eat!

Remember, a good cook always always tastes constantly while cooking! The seasonings I put are all relative to taste…there aren’t exact measurements!


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