Gobble gobble and a little recipe review

Once in a while, I like to put down my chopsticks and cook something other than Vietnamese food. Thanksgiving is one of those times.

There is nothing I love better than a holiday. Holiday means family, and family means food. And Thanksgiving means lots of it! In my year off and plenty of time on my hands, I decided to take the task solely on me. Inspired by Ina Garten (love her!) and a little Alton Brown and Paula Deen (her added butter is necessary for Thanksgiving), I labored for 3 days of grocery shopping and 3 days of cooking equating to 6 days of eating and unfortunately also one pound on the waist.

If only if it weren’t too cold to work out.

Here are some lovely pictures of the products:

Ina's French Apple Tart


Ina’s cranberry sauce and Paula’s Cornbread
Ina’s “Chips”
Ina’s Mac and Cheese
Alton Brown’s Green bean Casserole
Ina’s Stuffed Turkey Breast
Can’t forget Dessert! Tart, pumpkin cheesecake, and pumpkin bread

Everyone’s favorite dish turned out to be the stuffing used in Ina’s turkey roulade and Alton Brown’s green bean casserole. The green bean casserole was incredibly easy and absolutely delicious. Great comfort food! The stuffing is time consuming and worth every bit (do not skimp out on the ingredients on this one!). The turkey breast itself did not roll up as easily or as beautifully as Ina’s, but still delicious with the stuffing.

Her cranberry fruit conserve turned to be too much sour and bitterness from the cranberries after 1 day of saturation, but found to be much sweeter and better on day 2. As for her mac and cheese, it is definitely only to serve when piping hot out of the oven, either wise more milk and reheating is needed as it can easily dry out. However, it is delicious when served perfectly! The nutmeg and gruyere cheese really hit the spot! As for Paula Deen’s corny cornbread, it was pretty bland – probably won’t be using the recipe again. Her cheesecake, however, is a whole other story!

Dessert was quite decadent! Paula’s fluffy pumpkin cheesecake was throughly enjoyed by all, and also quite easy to make. Ina’s French apple tart was mediocre in taste, but quite visually stunning and so easy to make! It was great served a la mode, too!

I hope everyone had a wonderful  Thanksgiving as I did! I hope to be putting up a new recipe, most likely banh xeo, in 2 weeks as I will absent on my east coast tour for a week.


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