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Rau Muong Xao – Garlic Spinach Stir Fry

Whew it’s been a long few months…starting graduate school has been the reason for such a long hiatus. But now I’m back, just in time for the holidays and I’m starting with a recipe that is one of my mom’s … Continue reading

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Ca Hap – Vietnamese Ginger Steamed Fish

Let me introduce to one of my most favorite recipes: Ca Hap. Nothing is more homey to me than rice and delicately steamed fish topped with glass noodles, ginger, fermented soy beans (which tastes so much better than it sounds), … Continue reading

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Tau Hu Thach – Sweet Coconut Tofu Jelly

Hello to any readers left! It has been a hectic few months trying to balance 2-3 jobs to save up for school. I promise I’m trying! This new recipe is one that is not often found in popular Vietnamese desserts … Continue reading

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Bun Canh Ca Ngot – Sweet Fish Noodle Soup

So it’s been a long time because: 1. My camera was broken until somewhat recently fixed 2. I have an almost full time job plus a part time night job…..gotta save up for school somehow! Hopefully once I get in … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties

My camera is broken! I had someone take a picture for me, they dropped it, and the spring to the battery holder popped out. Please be patient while I fix it or get a new one. Keep on cooking though!

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Bun Ca Tom Chay – Vermicelli, Tomato & Pineapple Vegetarian Soup

Continuing our vegetarian theme, this recipe was also made during Lunar New Year week. This recipe is a made up concoction – no real name to it – but still delicious and full of nutrition from the mushroom, tomatoes, and … Continue reading

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Cha Gio Chay – Vegetarian Eggrolls

Chuc mung nam moi (belated)!!! It’s my year – year of the rabbit (cat in the Vietnamese tradition) – and I have a great feeling it’s going to be a good one! It’s been so hectic lately with work, school … Continue reading

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