Ingredient Guide

A lot of ingredients in Asian cooking are probably very unfamiliar to the regular American who shops at the local grocery store. This is a compilation of my favorite brand of ingredients: what it is, what it looks like, where to find it, and what brand I prefer. For the most part, they are available in Asian markets, but are also becoming more common in the international food section of the local grocery store.

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Banh Trang, Rice Paper



Bot Nam, Mushroom Powder (Vegetarian seasoning)




Bun, Rice Noodles Vermicelli




Bun Tao, Bean Thread Vermicelli



Coconut Milk, Nuoc Dua (Chaokoh Brand)





Cot Sup Chay, Vegetarian Broth



Dau Xanh, Mung Beans




Dried Black Fungus




Egg roll wrappers



Fermented Soybeans, Tuong




La Dua, Pandan Leaves


Ot Mau, Paprika





Sa, Lemongrass




Thit Chay, Vegetarian Ham