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Rau Muong Xao – Garlic Spinach Stir Fry

Whew it’s been a long few months…starting graduate school has been the reason for such a long hiatus. But now I’m back, just in time for the holidays and I’m starting with a recipe that is one of my mom’s … Continue reading

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Bun Ca Tom Chay – Vermicelli, Tomato & Pineapple Vegetarian Soup

Continuing our vegetarian theme, this recipe was also made during Lunar New Year week. This recipe is a made up concoction – no real name to it – but still delicious and full of nutrition from the mushroom, tomatoes, and … Continue reading

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Banh Bao (Chay & Mang) – Steamed Pork and Vegetarian Buns

Happy New Year’s to everyone! My new year’s resolution: to put up as many recipes as I can on the Daily Rice Bowl! And what better way to start than posting some delicious steamed pork (or vegetarian) buns to keep … Continue reading

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Cha Lua Chay – Vegetarian Vietnamese “Ham”

Cha lua is a true Vietnamese dish that is made of pork. It is used as the meat portion of many dishes such as banh uot or cuon (white rice noodle sheets often seen at dim sum), banh mi (Vietnamese … Continue reading

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Squash Peanut Soup – Canh Dau Phong

We continue with vegetarian week! This dish follows the line of traditional home-style Vietnamese dish. I often put Vietnamese food in two categories: ones to serve at home, and ones that are for special occasions. I put food often found … Continue reading

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It’s Vegetarian week! Banh Pho Xao or Veggie Chow Fun

As my grandmother is vegetarian, I decided to dedicate the first week of my new blog to her. Also I would like to point out now that most of the dishes I cook are very flexible. I hardly have time … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Stir Fry – Do Xao Chay

As promised! Very easy and flexible recipe Vegetarian stir fry – Do Xao Chay 1.5 bunch (?) of glass noodles (clear noodles) –I used a Korean type called dangmyeon.  I would have pictures if my camera didn’t die… Sesame oil … Continue reading

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